I don’t know about you, but when I put something in writing I stick to it. Maybe it comes from being a teacher and all those years of lesson plans — knowing that if I wrote it down it was my goal to get everything in those little blocks completed to the best of my ability by the end of the week. Sometimes everything was completed in order and other times it wasn’t. That’s how I feel about my Menu Plan.

I generally do my meal planning on Thursday or Friday so that I can make sure I have everything I need for the week in the house by Sunday.  If you’re feeling really ambitious, plan for two weeks at a time and you won’t have to think about “what’s for dinner” for two whole weeks! That’s actually my favorite way to meal plan. I like to have our schedule handy while planning so that I know what will work best for certain days. For example, since my husband is in retail management, if he has to close the store and won’t be home for dinner I won’t plan a roast or something that I know he would enjoy since he won’t be home.

If you’re someone who has a grocery store that offers delivery, like I do, I love planning my menu, getting my grocery list made and then placing my order. I just click, click, click — and then wait for delivery. Everything shows up and I’m ready to go for the next two weeks. I also find that shopping this way saves us money. In addition to no impulse buys, I can shop for the best price without standing in the aisle comparing products.

You can grab my FREE Menu Plan and Grocery List Printable here: Menu Planner

Give it a try! And don’t worry if you don’t make everything on the day you have it written. It’s okay. I just like knowing there IS a plan and if I want to switch it up, that’s fine too.

Oh, and feel free to put “Pizza Night” or “Leftover Night” on there – you’re entitled to a night off!

Happy Planning!