I have always loved flowers and I love to plant them. I love going to a local greenhouse, picking out my flowers, bringing them home, digging a hole, plopping them in and watering them regularly. That’s about the extent of my gardening skills. I also enjoy growing herbs on my porch and have grown a few strawberry plants. I have had good luck with my plants most years and other years, ehh… I don’t know what happens. So while I enjoy gardening, I don’t consider myself a “gardener.” Now, my one grandmother – she was a true gardener. I wish she were still here now that I’m grown so that I could get her advice. Since that isn’t possible, I’m attempting to teach myself how to truly take care of my flowers, herbs, and vegetable plants.

I can’t tell you how much time I have spent searching the internet and Pinterest for information. It becomes overwhelming, and I don’t know about you, but if you’re a momma’ like me with little ones, retaining any of what you read is just not happening. I take that back. I remember some of the information, but I just don’t know what it applies to… not very helpful! And while my Pinterest boards are filled with lovely pins and all kinds of information, I just don’t see myself standing out in the yard and pulling up info on my phone. I needed a better solution.

Since I’m the queen of making printable organizers, I decided that I would make myself a very simple printable. Something that would work for me — and possibly you. I know that this isn’t anything fancy, but it looks a lot better than my notes jotted on random pieces of scrap paper or list-pads.  I can easily slip these little cards into a 4×6 photo album to keep them all together or if I’m feeling really motivated, I could laminate them, punch a hole in the corner, and put them on a key ring.

I made a few “multiple choice” questions on the right hand side — Annual or Perennial; Sun / Shade / Part Sun;  Frequency of Fertilization and Watering Instructions.

And then for the blank lines I decided that the most important things to jot down were:

  • Specific planting instructions.
  • How to “deadhead” each kind of flower. They don’t all have the same “rules.”
  • How to harvest my veggies and herbs.
  • Best companion plants. (If you’re a newbie like me, this is fascinating to see what should be planted together to optimize growth and deter pests.)

It may seem like a little bit of work and again, this may seem overwhelming, but once you compile your notecards and keep them in a safe spot, you shouldn’t have to look up the information again. You’ll just reach for your handy-dandy gardening book, created by you – for you, and you’ll be all set!

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♥ Denise