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As you may already know, I am in love with my Classic Happy Planner – so much so that I purchased a Mini Happy Planner for on-the-go. I didn’t have a Happy Planner Memory Keeper, so naturally when I was asked what I would like for my birthday this year, I quickly said, “A Memory Keeper!” I’ve been keeping little notes in my Classic Happy Planner about things that have happened, but realized I would love a way to document happenings in our little family without it being an overwhelming task — like old-school scrapbooking. Everything seems to end up on social media these days and there’s nothing to actually pick up and flip through. The Happy Planner Memory Keeper is an undated planner that has larger blocks to write/journal, add stickers, washi tape, and photos.

Photos. That’s fantastic. I can add photos to my Memory Keeper, but the boxes are 2×3. I’m completely capable of resizing photos to print two on a 4×6 page or making an entire 8.5×11 sheet of little pics, but this would involve more work. I knew all about portable printers and had hinted for one around Christmas time, so when I said I wanted a Memory Keeper, my husband took that as the perfect opportunity to surprise me with a Polaroid ZIP Mobile Photo Printer. I honestly never expected one and figured that I would be resizing and cutting pics for my new book, but my hubby knows me well and knew that I wanted this to be an enjoyable task and not something that would create more work for me.

I was super excited when I opened up the little box and saw a mobile printer. I couldn’t wait to try it out. I plugged it in and charged it up and printed a photo of my son with his birthday cake. (His birthday is the day before mine and this would be one of the first events I would be documenting.) The set up was very simple – I charged the device for about an hour, downloaded the Polaroid app on my iPhone, loaded the ZINK paper, and printed a pic. For those of you who don’t know, these mobile printers use ZINK technology (Zero Ink) — there are no cartridges, no ribbons, no ink! All you need is ZINK paper. The paper is 2×3 and has a sticky back so it’s ready to stick to your page.

I thought the quality of the Polaroid ZIP was okay and didn’t expect anything super fancy, considering it’s a mobile printer, but the more I thought about the cost ($129.99) and the quality, I wondered if a different device would produce better results. I knew HP also made a mobile printer -the Sprocket – which was actually the one I had hinted for at Christmas. I started looking on Amazon for reviews on both the Polaroid ZIP and the HP Sprocket and it seemed that the Sprocket was the more popular choice. Because I’m a tiny bit impatient and there was no price difference, I texted my husband at work and asked him if he’d like to run to the store after work and pick up a Sprocket for me. I wanted to compare them for myself and I would return one of them tomorrow.  Here they are:

As you can see, both printers are almost identical. Same size box. Same size device. Same ZINK technology. Same size paper – 2×3. Both require you to download an app on your phone to print pics. Now here was the real test. I had already printed two more photos with the Polaroid, so I chose the same photos (to be fair) to print on the HP.

Here are the results:

The photo on the right was printed with the Polaroid ZIP – we look like we got a spray tan and counted Mississippi’s! 😉 (My “Friends” fans should get the reference.) The photo on the left was printed with the HP Sprocket. As soon as the photo was coming out of the printer I could tell it was going to be better because I could actually see the color variations and texture in my sweater.

The only difference with this photo is that I had zoomed in on the one on the right before I printed it with the Polaroid ZIP. The photo on the left was printed with the HP Sprocket. Again, the color is off with the ZIP. Some reviews that I read said that the color issue can be corrected if you lighten the photo on your phone before opening it in the app and printing it. I’m not trying to make this any harder than it needs to be. I want something that I can use with little effort. I want my Memory Keeping to be a hobby – something for me. Something fun and enjoyable. Not another chore. I have enough of those.

You can be the judge and choose which one you like best — and if a more “vintage,” “true polaroid” feel is what you’re after, that may be the device for you, but for me, I want something more true to color with plug and play capability.



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