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10 Non-Food Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Does your school not allow candy or treats? Are you looking for a non-food, allergy friendly Valentine’s Day treat idea? Look no further because Fluttering Creations has you covered! Check out these adorable treat bag toppers and fantastic ideas for non-food treats that are sure to be a hit with all the kids! (Hint: There’s a coupon code at the end of this post!)

That’s right, You’re just “plane” awesome! << Grab the file here.
Kids will love a build-your-own airplane attached to this topper!
These are a pretty sweet deal, and you’ll have enough for the whole class!

Pick up this topper here: Color Your Heart Out!
You can add your own homemade heart-shaped crayons by melting down crayons in these silicone molds.
Get this one here: You make my world COLORFUL!
Don’t have time to make heart-shaped crayons? No problem! These packs of crayons will look just as cute in your treat bag.
Grab this You’re Out of this World topper here!
And tell me what kid wouldn’t love their own little Rocket Launcher?
Get this one here >> Will you “o-fish-ally” be my Valentine?
Add a little fish squirter and you’ve got yourself a cute little treat!
Seriously, all kids love to play in the water!

The bus driver might not love you for this one, but the kids sure will!
I Choo-Choo Choose You to be My Valentine
These are some pretty good train whistles… trust me, my kids have them!
Have a Ball, Valentine!
Bouncy Balls or Inflatable Balls would be great for this topper.
I Dig You, Valentine!
You could add any kind of little construction vehicles to complete this treat.
Hope Your Valentine’s Day is Loads of Fun!
This treat will be loads of fun with these stampers!
Owl Always Be Your Friend!
These just might be my personal favorite topper and I love these little notepads and pencils for this one! Or keep it simple with these erasers!

So there you have it, 10 super cute and super simple non-food Valentine’s Day ideas. Fluttering Creations also has other options available, so check them out and let me know if you came up with another idea. I’d love to hear it! You can also use Coupon Code HAPPY for 20% off your Valentine’s Day topper purchase!

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Magically Changing My Kids’ Behavior

Two weeks ago I wrote “Homemaking: A Calling and a Blessing” – my kickoff to my own 40 Days Challenge. My goal over these forty days is to de-clutter and organize our home, along with making our home more peaceful. The first week started off great – I cleaned and organized our upstairs hall and linen closets and hauled two bags of trash out of the house. I felt good. Last week, I tackled our son’s bedroom. He has a lot of storage (because we love IKEA) and that makes it much easier to “collect” stuff – there’s plenty of room for it! So I spent an entire day clearing out his closet, dresser, and wardrobes. I boxed up toys that were no longer age-appropriate, put clothes that I wanted to save (I have my own issues with letting go of “baby stuff”) in totes to put in the attic, and made a big box of clothes to sell and/or donate.

So what’s the problem? My first two weeks were extremely productive. The problem is that the peace I am really wanting is lacking. I am still worrying. I am still raising my voice (this is the big problem for me). I get in bed at night and I feel defeated. Tuesday was my breaking point. I put my foot down and told myself that was the last “bad day” I was going to have. I said I was going to create peace in my home – and I will.

My kids give me a run for my money every single day. I often wonder how this can happen. I used to manage a classroom of up to 28 little ones at a time, yet I can’t control TWO. Really?! I must be the worst mom ever. Actually, I’m not. I’m just a giant softie who succumbs to pouty faces and puppy dog eyes. That’s my problem. So I picked up a book that our pediatrician recommended  about 2 years ago – it’s been collecting dust ever since. It’s called 1-2-3 Magic by Thomas W. Phelan. It claims to be “the simplest, most-effective parenting program for raising happy, well-behaved children.” Sign me up! I planted my butt on the couch and started reading. I tuned everything else out (talk about peace!) and read half the book. I intend to finish it before the weekend, but I was able to implement the method right away the next day. {The second half of the book focuses on routines and real-life stories, so even though I only read half, I read enough to get started by introducing the method to the kids and “practicing.”}

On Wednesday, I sat my two little munchkins down and explained to them how things were going to work. They were told that I am no longer going to raise my voice and that they basically have 10 seconds to shape up and change their behavior or they will find themselves in time-out. We also briefly discussed how less nonsense will lead to more fun together. Wednesday and Thursday were much better than Tuesday and I have hope for tomorrow. I will say that my (almost) five-year-old responded much better to this than the (newly turned) three-year-old. Aside from one major tantrum from the little one in which she was having no parts of time-out, we had two peaceful days. We even managed to watch a movie in the middle of the day and make a St. Patrick’s Day craft on Wednesday and today I was able to bake five dozen cupcakes.

This simple approach truly worked like magic. I stopped both my kids in their tracks by saying, “Take 1.” My husband couldn’t believe his eyes during breakfast when little Mr. Man was ready to throw a fit, but instantly stopped when I started to count. It gives the child a few seconds to stop and evaluate their own behavior and to decide if they want to continue and possibly end up with a consequence or just let it go. And the best part is I don’t need to get upset or raise my voice. Ahhh… there’s that peace I want.

I intend to be consistent with our new approach and to create the peace our home needs. I will be writing a follow-up post next week to update you on our progress and to include some positive reinforcement ideas I have up my sleeve from my teacher days. I am not 100% sold on “time-outs,” so I will be implementing time-out alternatives, which the book does discuss as well.

1-2-3 Magic is very easy to understand and gives many real-life scenarios. There were times when I thought the author actually knew my kids! While it is evidence-based and written by a clinical psychologist, it’s not a text-book. You’ll fly right through it and feel ready to make a change. I say this because I know I am not alone in this struggle and that this just might be the help you need too.

♥ Denise


Happy Little Wife is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites.

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